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Mr. Fanfic: *coughs, frowns, glowers*

Bluebird: What?!

Mr.  Fanfic:  Fluffy.  I hate fluffy. 

Bluebird:  Yep.  But who writes fluffy?

Mr. Fanfic: You.

Bluebird:  Yep.  And whose turn is it?

Mr. Fanfic: Yours.

Bluebird: Yep.  So you go play with the sharks for a bit.  Shoo!

Hola, fanfic readers!  Yep, expect some fluff as scrambled eggs with cream and butter in this here update.

Now serving your HS-AU:  I’ve Fallen For You – 14th Song.  Buen provecho!


Bluebird: It’s so unfair, you know.

Mr. Fanfic:  What is?

Bluebird: We write it for nine days and they read it for two minutes.

Mr.  Fanfic:  Well, that’s writing for you.

Bluebird:  I know.

Mr. Fanfic: Then quit whining and write the update.

Bluebird:  Fine, sheesh!

Aight.  Here’s your HS-AU:  I’ve Fallen For You – 13th Song, lovely readers.  Enjoy!

Mr. Fanfic:  It’s about time.

Bluebird: I know.  Sorry.

Mr. Fanfic:  I’ve been bored out my wits, twiddling my thumbs here, you know.

Bluebird:  Sorry.  Real person, you know.  Real life, real job.

Mr.  Fanfic:  Are you mocking me?

Bluebird:  Hey, if the shoe fits….

Mr. Fanfic: That’s it!  You lose your turn at the keyboard!

Bluebird:  Uh-oh!

Dooliers, it’s been ages, I know.  My apologies.  But the bluebird is back and here’s your HS-AU:  I’ve Fallen For You – 12th Song.  Enjoy!

Bluebird:  This is a horrible song!

Mr. Fanfic:  Yes.  The song title alone, it’s already ghastly.

Bluebird: And it’s a most horrible way to end the fanfic! *bawls*

Mr. Fanfic:  *covers ears* As I recall, you did say I get to decide the ending.

Bluebird:  I need a shovel.

Mr.  Fanfic:  Uhhh.. why?

Bluebird:  Because you’ll need a grave when the Dooliers are done reading.

Mr. Fanfic: Don’t worry.  The Dooliers will understand.

I’m so sorry, Dooliers!  Mr.  Fanfic and I decided to finish the fanfic here because there’s really not much time to work on it anymore.  Here’s HS-AU: I’ve Fallen For You – 11th Song (Final).

Sorry again, and I hope you’ll forgive the bluebird. 😦

Bluebird:  I didn’t write this one.

Mr. Fanfic:  No, you didn’t.

Bluebird: But I did try.

Mr. Fanfic:  Yes, you did.

Bluebird:  And it wasn’t my fault that it’s all angsty and so-not-fun.

Mr.  Fanfic:  No, it wasn’t.

Bluebird:  Am I gonna be stuck with you forever?!

Mr. Fanfic: Yes, you are.

Bluebird:  UGH!

Dooliers, here’s your HS-AU: I’ve Fallen For You – 10th Song.  I’m gonna go and watch Dooley vids now.  *bawls*

Mr. Fanfic:  What now?

Bluebird: Nothing.

Mr. Fanfic:  No complaints?

Bluebird:  Nope.

Mr.  Fanfic:  Nothing to whine about?

Bluebird:  Nuh-uh.

Mr. Fanfic: Are you sick?

Bluebird:  What’s up with that?

Dooliers, methinks Mr.  Fanfic is getting paranoid with his old age.  Seriously!  Anyway, here’s HS-AU: I’ve Fallen For You – 9th Song. It’s a bit longer than usual, so enjoy!

Bluebird:  It’s Shin Hye’s birthday two days ago.

Mr. Fanfic:  And?

Bluebird: Lots of spazzworthy material this week.

Mr. Fanfic:  So?

Bluebird:  Dooliers are happy, happy folks.

Mr.  Fanfic:  Which means?

Bluebird:  Which means you shouldn’t be the usual grouch you are and let me have a teeny-weeny turn at the keyboard!!! 

Mr. Fanfic: Okay. Sheesh, why didn’t you just say so?

Bluebird:  YAY!

Dooliers, the bluebird was all a-swooning with all them juicy tidbits about the OTP, but so as you could all take a break and not turn into goo, here’s HS-AU: I’ve Fallen For You – 8th Song.  Enjoy!