Hate to say I told you so…

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….. but I told you so.

Sure, I did. Here, in case you’ve forgotten. Or to those as lazy as the bluebird and can’t be bothered to click a link, then fine, let me just quote:

Yes, the chemistry was pretty amazing between PSH and LMH. Yes, I loved Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang to death. But outside of the roles they played, in the measly amount of BTSs I managed to find, I haven’t seen anything in their interactions off-camera that made my heart skip a beat or had my stomach a-fluttering. That’s pretty much my indicator that to ship them in real life would be a leap of faith for me – something that the rational, logical bluebird isn’t ready to take yet.

Nevertheless, the bluebird ain’t writing this musing to gloat.  I have no beef with the MinShin shippers and am blissfully unaware of any animosity between their ship and mine (if there’s any, mind you).  But it was too short a ride for that ship, methinks.  As a fellow shipper, I sympathize and hope they’ll be okay… well, most of them anyway. Except those who kept screeching that their couple is real in which case, screw them, they deserve the pain (lol).

I gotta say this:  Dispatch is kinda like the proverbial dagger hanging over each and every shipper’s head.  Yep.  And this LMH dating not-PSH reminds me that we Dooliers are also just one expose away from what the MinShin ship is dealing with right now. How exciting.  On one hand, we’re still in the game since it ain’t either one of our Dooleys on the news.  On the other hand, we’re still waiting for that dagger to fall and slice our heads open.  Nice thoughts, aight? Welcome to the wonderful world of shipping.

For what it’s worth, the MinShin shippers are better off now. In the words of Frodo Baggins… “It’s gone… it’s done.”  They can move on and just remember the pleasant memories as the bluebird will.  I did enjoy the TanSang couple a lot.  They were beautiful together.  I’d watch them again in a heartbeat should they pair up for another project.  But this LMH dating news did give me a decent closure and justifed my decision to stay in my Dooley nest.

So yes, Dooliers, we live to die another day.  And why am I quoting a James Bond movie?

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember



A question from Kathya Garcia on my post Just Like Old Times:

I read in a post about it, a comment of a girl, and she said: “he is really dating with Ailee, she acted like she knows a lot YH’s house. He’s using PSH to cover his real relationship” What do you think about it?

I don’t usually get asked “What do you think…” questions, and when I do, I usually just ignore them.  Not out of rudeness, mind you, but out of concern for the asker’s psychological well-being.  Inviting the bluebird to give you a glimpse of her thoughts may be dangerous to your health. At the very least, you’re at risk of mental exhaustion.  Just ask The Abominable Mr. Bluebird (yes, that’s my husband’s official title).  Every time he asks “What do you think…” questions, he usually just ends up saying “Never mind, what’s for dinner?”  I’m saying this now so you know what to expect.  The bluebird’s mind is 3-D.  It’s Dark, Disorganized and Disturbing.  Trying to explain something usually results to a long, winding speech/article full of side-trips and segues with an ever-present danger of getting lost and ending up as blabbered nonsense.

But I like your question and you were so brave to ask it, so I’ll try to give you a proper answer.

First off, I don’t know where you found the comment but by your statement alone, I am amused that the girl just flat out declared Yong Hwa is dating Ailee.  She drew that conclusion just by how familiar Ailee acted in Yong Hwa’s house?  It’s a reality show, sweetness, the house is probably rented by FNC.  It’s a small flat and they’ve probably been there the whole day shooting.  Every person from the cast to the crew probably knew all its nooks and crannies by then.  So yeah, that was cute.  And horrifying at the same time.  See, that’s exactly the type of behavior that puts shippers in a bad light in the eyes of regular fandoms.  With all them celebrities trying very hard to protect their careers and doing everything they can to not get embroiled in scandals, jumping to conclusion and declaring it as fact is the most insensitive thing a shipper can do.

My take in shipping is that we all should always hover within the bounds of WANT and THINK mindsets. We can say we WANT our couples to date because they’re super adorbs together, or we can say we THINK they’re dating because they’re super adorbs together.  But we should never ever cross the line and say we KNOW they’re dating until the couple themselves up and announce it first.

Having said that, I’ll do as your comment girl did and base my entire answer from the vid of Shin Hye’s Hologram guesting.  If Yong Hwa and Ailee are indeed dating, then poor them, they’re probably on the verge of break up by now.  You also noticed the looks and the skinship between the Dooleys, right?  You said so in your comment.  Add to that the two things I feel overly-swoony about – 1)Yong Hwa’s thoughtfulness when he gave Shin Hye the bag of chips and 2)Shin Hye tugging at Yong Hwa’s sleeve just to get him to show her out – and you have the ingredients for a very potent lover’s quarrel recipe. Seriously, imagine the backlash of all that once the cameras stop rolling.  What man/woman wouldn’t get jealous when you see your romantic partner being all touchy-feely with someone else?

And that’s not even a one-time deal.  The Dooleys have been affectionate and familiar with each other since the beginning of time, if you can still remember this:

cute 4this:

or these:

baek sang 3

On a side-note, it kinda makes me feel a little bit sorry for the guy/girl either of them will be dating should they not end up together, what with all these jealousy-inducing traps just a click/tap away from their fingertips. (Note to self: Delete site upon relationship announcement of either Dooleys.)

Now, the kind of affection the Dooleys show each other does not prove they are dating.  Let me be very clear about that.  But I find it hard to believe they would act that way if one or the other is in a serious relationship with someone else.  Even more so if said someone else is in the same room as them.  So bottom line is no, I don’t think Ailee and Yong Hwa are dating based on that vid alone.  And no, I don’t think Shin Hye is being used as a cover up (I don’t even like the sound of that, very malicious and manipulative) because she’s always been that way to Yong Hwa, long before Hologram and Ailee came into the picture.

But if it’ll make your comment girl feel better, tell her that the bluebird didn’t get the I-think-they’re-dating vibes between the Dooleys from there either.  That’d cheer her up, I guess.  The only conclusions I’d draw from watching Shin Hye’s Hologram guesting is that A) things have not changed a bit between her and Yong Hwa, B) they still look super adorbs together, and C) their closeness (that I’ve been documenting here on this blog) can still lead up to something more special.  That’s still a far cry from I think they’re dating but it’s good enough for the bluebird right now.

So there goes my answer.  I’m not sure if it made sense but aw, who cares?  Let’s just enjoy the ride, shall we? 🙂


NEWSFLASH:  Park Shin Hye Supports Jung Yong Hwa’s Reality Show “Hologram”

Well, that’s just great.

I say I’m back for a bit and the next thing you know, there’s Dooley news to blog about.  I mean, really, Dooley Couple?  Really?  Would it have killed you to give me a week or so to settle and twiddle my thumbs for a bit?  Do a little housecleaning, perhaps? Or change the theme, the layout, work on molding drafts, maybe?  But no.  You hear I’m back and, quick as a wink, you give me something to do.  You mock my laziness, dear OTP.  You certainly do.

Uh, bluebird…. why are you grumbling?  Aren’t you happy the Dooleys got together again?

Of course, I’m happy.  What?  Is there a rule that says you can’t grumble when you’re happy?  And anyway, I’m not grumbling because of that.  This is post-traumatic stress grumbling I’m having here, sweetness.  You remember that article we read at KDrama Stars  some time back?  Here, let me quote:

But CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa, who also co-starred with her in “Heartstrings,” has said he makes it a point not to spend too much time with Park Shin Hye. He is fond of her but if they spend time together people inevitably start rumors that they are dating. He did not feel it was fair to her. He turned down a role in “The Heirs,” saying that if he took it he knew it would be bad for both of them.

There, remember that?  Was that not grumble-worthy?  I was all like, “Aww, come on, Yong Hwa!  She’s got rumors with Jang Geun Suk, too! They have their own ship, for crying out loud, but they still do commercials.  And what, she can have lunch and take selcas with Hee Chul and that pretty BEAST guy but she can’t with you?  What makes your friendship so different you gotta hide it? Hmmm?” *grumble, grumble, pout, pout*

But of course, I couldn’t really stay all grumbly with our Dooley boy, can I?  I even agree with him sometimes, if you remember what I posted here and here.   So I was all resigned and saying, “Nah, they wouldn’t be meeting in public any time soon”, and then boom! Them Dooleys go and do the unexpected.  Yeah, make the bluebird’s itty-bitty heart jump right outta her chest, why don’t you.

But wait.  Who, again, invited whom? Was it the Dooley boy who invited the Dooley girl?  Was that the same Dooley boy who said those thingies quoted up there?  Hmmm…. how intriguing.  Whatever happened to not wanting to start rumors so and so?  Aiish, Mr. Dooley, you are a bundle of confusion!  You know the rumors are gonna start again, right?  And you don’t worry anymore if it’s fair or not to the Dooley girl?  You know who you’re being unfair to?  Me. Moi.  The bluebird.  You’re not being fair to me because you’re giving me too much to think about and I am getting dizzy but I’m a shallow bird so just gimme a kiss and we’ll call it even.  Heh!

On a more serious note, it’s probably because times have changed a bit in KoreaBiz, is what i’m thinking.  You know, with K-celebs coming out of the closet and admitting to dating whos-its and what-nots without getting flogged and punished by their fandoms.  None of Lee Seung Gi’s fangirls pulled Yoona’s hair off yet, right?  And Khuntoria shippers haven’t set fire to Tiffany or anything like that?  I’m being melodramatic here, folks, don’t you go getting any ideas.

But this could work in our favor, Dooliers, you know what I mean?Look at it this way, if there’s really something romantic a-brewing between the OTP  (and I’m not saying there is, non-Dooliers, the keyword there is IF, so don’t get your panties in a twist), I’m thinking now’s the perfect time to test the waters, don’t you think? See how the separate fandoms (cousin Boices and Stars) will react and whether the impact is positive or not.  How spazz-worthy is that, yes?

Or… we could drag ourselves back to reality and say it’s probably really nothing more than friends supporting each other, blah-blah-blah and all that.  We’re probably just a bunch of lunatics thinking there’s more than what there really is.  Well, if it’s really just friendship then that’s absolutely fine with me, too.  Heck, there’s been nothing to talk about for so long anyway, I’ll take what I can get at this point.

Whichever way the wind’s blowing, that vid up there was still a spazz-worthy watch for the bluebird.  I may get a bit grumbly that Min Hyuk got two full hugs and the Dooley boy got none, but again, I’ll take what I can get.  And I still got A LOT anyway, so I’m a happy camper.  The skinship is still there, the smiles, the looks.  The familiarity and that sense of entitlement.  Everything felt just like how it was back in YAB and in Heartstrings.  Now, you top it off with that Audrey Hepburn pillow proudly displayed on Yong Hwa’s bed and… Awww, hell. I think my chances of getting aboard the Darling ship just went flying out the window.

You know what?  I’m starting to think that the OTP’s goal is not just to overwork the bluebird.  Nope.  I don’t think so.  I’m quite positive that what the Dooleys want at this point is to make sure this birdie stays in this nest forever.  Dagnabbit!  Who’s not gonna grumble?!

Have fun spazzing, Dooliers! 🙂


Don’t you just loooove the Darling couple?  Lookit them, lookit them! They are cuteness personified, aren’t they? Hardcore Doolier that the bluebird is, I think she’s now in danger of turning into a Darlinger!

Hold it!  Easy now, Dooliers, lay down the pitchforks gently.  The bluebird was just kidding.  I mean, come on.  Do you honestly believe I am capable of jumping ships?  Nuh-uh.  First and foremost, birds can’t jump.  We hop.  National Geographic says so.  Check if you don’t believe me.

Second and more importantly, would I be writing about it here if I were?  I could just create thedarlingcouple.wordpress.com and be done with it, yes? (Darlingers, there’s an idea.  You can thank me later.)

Admittedly, it was a joy watching the Dooley girl and Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio.  You would not believe the amount of rewinding and fast-forwarding that happened in the bluebird household with all them swoon-worthy scenes of Dal Po and In Ha.  Case in point, Mr. Bluebird threatened to throw away the remote if I didn’t stop.  I mean, what guy would ever threaten to throw away the remote?!  And the ending scene!  Goodness, gracious, the ending scene!  I was all a-flutter! *swoons, melts, turns into a big puddle of goo*

Yes, there’s chemistry.  Awesome chemistry, if I may add, that the bluebird enjoyed so so so very much. They look absolutely gorgeous together, which matters a lot to the bluebird since I’m a sucker for beautiful couples.  And then there were those skinships (just a couple though, mind you) behind the camera and during the SBS Drama Awards that looked incredibly sweet and adorable even in the eyes of a hardcore Doolier like myself.  I can totally understand the trajectory of how the Darling ship came to be.  I’ll even say that, to me, this one actually has a stronger pull than the MinShin ship.  Thank goodness Pinocchio has ended.  A couple more episodes and who knows where the bluebird would end up.

So yeah, I can perfectly understand as well if some Dooliers will be going over (or have already gone over) the Darlingers’ side of town.  And I don’t have any problems with that. Nope.  Nuh-uh.  Just to be very clear, I have no beef with Dooliers deciding not to be Dooliers anymore.  Seriously.  You could go MinShin or Darling, or even go back to being Stars or Boices (no more shipping) and you won’t hear nothing from the bluebird.

The thing is, we’ve still got a looooong ways to go when it comes to waiting.  Can someone tell me why the heck we chose an OTP that’s not in the marrying age yet?  Coz, damn, this is killing me!  And for sure, there’ll be other ships in the horizon for both our Dooleys or whoever you’re pairing with either of them.  But right now, my only wish is that there won’t be any more bouts  of fan wars, or anything like that, moving forward.  Goodness knows we’ve had enough of those in our past life.  We’re all doing the same thing anyway – watching and waiting – so why pick fights with each other?  And think about it, at the end of the day, they all might just marry random non-celebrities and where will that put all of us? Yep, we’re probably gonna end up crying on each other’s shoulders.  That’d be fun.

Having said that, the bluebird still feels that the Dooley ship is the place to be.  Yes, it’s been very quiet and it’s been ages since we saw them together last, but there’s just too much history between Yong Hwa and Shin Hye that’s too difficult to take for granted when you’re an over-analytical bluebird.  I’ve written a lot of posts here on this blog about said history (and there’s another one simmering in the back burner, just so you know *wink, wink*) that make interactions with more recent on-screen partners seem pale in comparison.

True, there were skinships, but not enough to overlook those of the Dooleys during YAB and Heartstrings.  Yes, there were sweet moments during awards night appearances, but no flower-giving display showcase.  I am not trying to burst anybody’s bubble here, just giving you the reason why I’m glued to this nest.  Well, I guess that just proves that I’m still a full-pledged Doolier.  Heck,at the rate things are going, I’d probably be the last Doolier standing.

So, just out of curiosity, how many Dooliers are still out there?  Say AYE in the comments if you’re still with me. 🙂

*coughs, coughs! waves away cobwebs*

Well, hello there! Ain’t this quaint? And here I thought 5pringday and The_Joker would’ve at least dusted and vacuumed. Tsk, tsk…. *shakes head, glares* Heh! Just kidding, sweeties. There ain’t no one else to blame but the bluebird for all this dust, really.

And NO. Just to set the record straight, this birdie ain’t busy honeymooning. *rolls eyes* Trust me, Mr. Bluebird and I, we’ve too much tasks to do outside of honeymooning. Coz, you know the saying… “Marry late, worry about retirement more,” yes? What? There’s no saying like that? Well, there should be! Harrumph!

Anyhoo, let’s steer away from the BB’s off-the-nest activities, shall we? What matters is we’re all here (all three of us…. probably four… heh!) and that we’ve still got stuff to talk about. Well, there ain’t a lot of Dooley news these days, for sure. But it’s not like they aren’t busy separately, aight?  And though it doesn’t show much, I’m as much a fan of their individual projects as I am of them as a couple.

So what’s up these days with them Dooley couple?

Well, there’s The Three Musketeers, for instance. Yes, yes. The bluebird made it a point to take a peek at the first episode (since I’ve already passed on Mirae’s Choice the last time, methinks I’d be crucified if I don’t make this a priority, mind you). So first, some Doolier eye candy…



He’s just getting more and more handsome as time goes by, isn’t he? I don’t think I’d have a hard time getting everybody’s agreement on that. Regarding his performance, on the other hand, opinions vary greatly, as always. Depending on whichever review you read, he’s either awesome, improving or horrible. Well, I could go the I’m-a-fangirl-I-don’t-do-calm route and go berserk, but naw… What’s the point? Not like I’m good in changing people’s way of seeing things, yeah?

I’d say, however, that it’s quite easy to criticize someone from the comforts of your keyboard, isn’t it? I mean, come on. Give the guy a break. He’s trying really hard, he is. It would’ve been too easy to rest on his laurels and focus on his music instead of laying himself out to the harshest of insults and criticism in the field of acting. But there he is learning horseback riding and sword fighting and getting that darn quiver on his brow just right before letting his tears fall (Just one tear, dammit, from the left eye! How difficult is that?!)….. Uhmm, yeah. If you’re so good at doing those, then by all means, bash away, my friend.

But enough of that and going back to TTM, I’m happy to say I was delighted with the first episode and have every intention of keeping up with the series. The premise is one of my favorites (the birdie is a big Dumas fan, just so you know), the other characters look absolutely amazing and, flawed acting or otherwise, the Dooley boy is rocking the role of k-D’Artagnan. I was thinking of doing some recaps, but heck, why bother? That’s what the queens of CouchKimchi are for, yes?

On the other hand, the Dooley girl has already finished shooting the movie The Tailors.



(So that’s The Three Musketeers = TTM and The Tailors (Movie) = TT(M)… By God, there’s no way that could be coincidence! The Dooley couple is REAL! Mwahahaha! Ahem…. Sorry, couldn’t help it. Bad birdie! LOL!)

Anyway, moving on. So yeah, The Tailors…. Also looking forward to it, though the chances of supporting it in theaters when it comes out is nil. But still, after Miracle in Cell #7, I’ve no doubt it’s gonna do well, too. Meaning, I can take my sweet time just waiting for it to come out wherever I could watch it later on, yes?

And there you go. Not much of an update, I guess. Methinks I’m just letting them fabulous Dooliers know the bluebird is still alive and that she has not completely abandoned this here nest, is all. And now that Mr. Bluebird has been so kind as to install the WordPress app for the tech idiot that is me, you may just find new posts popping up from time to time. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

Have a great week ahead, Dooliers! You are so much loved and missed!


There are a lot of excellent reasons why I felt I should weigh in on a (post-Heartstrings) drama that casts either Jung Yong Hwa or Park Shin Hye.  One, since I haven’t watched any other drama that didn’t cast both of them, I figured it’s something I must do to keep my “dooleysions” in check.  Two, it’s a good way to let them lovely Dooliers know the bluebird is still alive and kicking (and still very much a Doolier, thank you very much).  And three…. you know what? Let’s just have two for now, since that’s all my birdy brain could come up with.

Well then, on to Heirs…  I’m sorry, what?

Why not weigh in on Mirae’s Choice as well? 

Oh, that.  Well, the bluebird only has time to watch one drama, see.  *sigh* Blame it on the Dooley couple for deciding to sign up on dramas that aired almost simultaneously, no?  So my apologies go out to them Boice cousins.  I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t able to support our Dooley boy’s drama, but there it is.

So, on to Heirs…  I’m sorry, what now?

Why not Mirae’s Choice then instead of Heirs? 

I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that.  Well, it was a choice, see, between watching Lee Min Ho or Yoon Eun Hye.  Now, I’m not a big fan of either, mind you, but if I have to choose… Weeeellll…  Let’s just say….. Come on!  Surely, you understand!

You mean, you chose to ogle the Lee Min Ho hotness.

YES.  Exactly.  Happy now?  Then, shoo!  Bug some other blogger.


Goodness!  I’m so sorry for the interruption.  Some people are just plain crazy. *shakes head*

Anyhoo, on to Heirs (and let’s hurry before the loony butts in again).

Now, I won’t go the critic’s route and tell you whether the drama was good or bad.  I’m not qualified anyway, since I skipped some scenes and just focused on the drama’s OTP.  But I must say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye did an insanely amazing job with their roles.  The Kim Tan/Cha Eun Sang love story, they sold it.  They did.  They really, really sold it.  I was caught – hook, line and sinker.  My emotional investment was so high I thought of getting insurance.  It was crazy!  Following the struggles of their relationship, I cried so many times and pulled my hair out (plucked my feathers?) so many times I ended up looking like a dressed chicken!  To say that I was fully onboard the TanSang ship would qualify as BB’s understatement of 2013, I tell you.  Methinks I did more screaming and swooning than the characters themselves, seriously.

But then the drama ended.  The TanSang ship sailed away unto the sunset with a happily ever after pretty much in the bag.  And though a part of me was sad to see it go, another part of me felt quite relieved that I could go back sailing in my comfortable Dooley ship.

What?!  You aren’t jumping over to the MinHye ship?!

Oh God, here she goes again!  No!  I’m certainly not jumping over onto any other ship.

But… but… you said you were fully onboard the TanSang ship?

I was.  But it’s an entirely different thing and I’m not gonna explain it to you because it’s a very long story.  And besides, you’re crazy!

Oh, do tell!

Fine.  It’s like this.  Do you know I was once a GeunShin shipper?

*Gasp* You were?  But how could I possibly know that?

Then just shut up and listen (or read). *rolls eyes*  Yes.  As loathe as I am to admit it now, I once shipped our Dooley girl with the pretty boy Jang Geun Suk.  Go on, I’ll give you half a minute to point fingers and laugh like a loon, but that’s it.

The thing is, I didn’t get aboard the GeunShin ship just because they sold me the Hwang Tae Kyung / Go Mi Nam love story.  I’d like to think that the bluebird is still sane enough to recognize that a drama is just a drama and roles are just roles.  After YAB, I scoured the net for hours and hours (God, I miss those lazy days!) looking for BTSs and whatever else I could find that could somehow justify why I should ship their real life counterparts.  And again, as loathe as I am to admit it, there were stuff I found that gave me reason to set foot inside a GeunShin cabin (first class, mind you).

Whereas with Heirs this time (and I’m not at all sure if it were just me not having too much time to scour the internet for BTSs and stuff), I haven’t found a reason yet to think that something good might be a-brewing between the two actors.  Yes, the chemistry was pretty amazing between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho.  Yes, I loved Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang to death.  But outside of the roles they played, in the measly amount of BTSs I managed to find, I haven’t seen anything in their interactions off-camera that made my heart skip a beat or had my stomach a-fluttering. That’s pretty much my indicator that to ship them in real life would be a leap of faith for me – something that the rational, logical bluebird isn’t ready to take yet.  Hell, if you have something more then let me have it and we’ll talk.  But right now, sorry.  No go.

What I’d like to clarify is that my shipping the Dooleys didn’t start with me getting sold the love story of Lee Shin and Lee Gyu Won.  If it were only that, I would’ve been off the ship even before Heirs – probably right after Flower Boy Next Door because, damn, Park Shin Hye really sells all her love stories.

But it was the other way around, as a matter of fact.  I fell in love with the friendship and closeness of Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa off-screen (in thousands of BTSs) and that in turn made me love the characters that they played in Heartstrings.

I have yet to see Park Shin Hye getting all touchy-feely with any of her co-stars the same way she was with Jung Yong Hwa.  I have yet to see a male co-star of her go onstage at an awards show just to give her flowers (or do something else equally surprising and unpredictable) before and after they got to act on a drama which didn’t necessarily get amazing ratings.  Lastly, I have yet to see my OTP declaring to the world and beyond that they are dating someone else outside of each other.  It will be then and only then, that I’ll be saying goodbye to one of the best ships I sailed in the course of my fangirling voyage.

But until such time comes, I am staying put in my cozy little corner in the Dooley ship.  And my Doolier shipmates will just have to put up with me and all my crazy split-personalities.

Have a wonderful holiday season, Dooliers!  The BB might not be always in the nest, but you are always in the BB’s heart.  Much love and kisses!  See y’all around from time to time.

Because of the erratic weather patterns on my side of the fence, I got sick.  Not really bed-ridden sick but I have that over-all sluggish, tired feeling.  I felt unwell but I was not that sick to have an excuse not to go to work and just stay at home.  It didn’t help much that at the same time, I was hit with sudden pangs of loneliness.  I was missing something or someone.

You know that kind of feeling that lingers in your mind.  You know it is nothing that important and yet sometimes for the entire day, it is just all over your head.  You try to dismiss it, ignore it, but at the end of the day, it is still there.

Yes, I am missing the Dooliers in this nest  who swore to love and cherish Yong Hwa and Shin Hye and all that matters in between them.   Non-dooliers might laugh at it but it is very difficult for someone like me at my age to explain this weird feeling of really missing people whom you just have met in this virtual world.  The degree of comfort the nest has given me actually amazes me.  The happy thought that I can talk to some people beyond borders and seas at anytime somehow puts a tired mind and body at ease.

Not all may experience this or agree to this, but now, I believe that friendship really doesn’t mind distance and time.  And though, it may take sometime or maybe never, for all of us Dooliers to meet each other, I already consider Dooliers as my friends.  I may not know their real names or identities but the bond I share with them through Yong Hwa and Shin Hye is definitely there.

And with these thoughts, I wonder how or what level of friendship does our OTP have?  We all, and even the antis, agree that they are friends.  They themselves have declared that.  But friendship, of course, has different degrees, levels and categories of attachment.  Shin Hye has often talked about  how she regard her friendship with her co-AnJells:

 Geun Seuk… an oppa…elder brother who is always there…

Hong Ki…a friend who even if she takes a trip with will bear no scandal

Yong Hwa…a friend but with a relationship that can surpass that of  a gf/bf relationship

(even if it was Yong Hwa who uttered these words, I’d like to think he has Shin Hye’s blessings to say these. Besides, the absence of a violent reaction on her part makes me assume she agrees lol)

The first two were easy to understand.  I had those kind of friendships with my guy friends.  So I can totally relate.  But the last one, I have to admit, I have not known or experienced.  For an ahjumma who has been there and almost done everything, I often wonder how can one have that kind of a relationship with a guy friend. Maybe I have yet to experience that or maybe not all are meant to experience no matter how friendly one is or the people around that person.

For me, that kind of friendship is something that has been forged out of people who are really sincere and committed into giving that relationship the trust, the time, the support and the understanding it deserves.  And yes, I have to admit, I envy that kind of friendship.  I just hope they both can sustain the test of time  for that friendship to last.  And given that I usually believe what Yong Hwa says  (and @violet82 says – “Believe in YH, SD”) , I’d like to think that both will take earnest effort into being a true friend to each other.

I now can say that if we believe in their friendship, then maybe, the friendship that we share in the Dooley nest  is somehow a manifestation of what they also share.  It maybe not exactly be the same, but we indeed take after them. After all, the fans’ attitude is a reflection of their idols’ characters.  And it is something which makes me an even prouder Doolier – which for me, is a permutation of a Boice and a Star.

And as I miss my Doolier friends while listening to CN Blue’s Blue Sky, I wonder, do the Dooleys miss each other, too? *grins*

Fact: When Dooliers miss each other or Yong Hwa & Shin Hye, we can’t help but watch the Heartstrings BTS all over again…