*coughs, coughs! waves away cobwebs*

Well, hello there! Ain’t this quaint? And here I thought 5pringday and The_Joker would’ve at least dusted and vacuumed. Tsk, tsk…. *shakes head, glares* Heh! Just kidding, sweeties. There ain’t no one else to blame but the bluebird for all this dust, really.

And NO. Just to set the record straight, this birdie ain’t busy honeymooning. *rolls eyes* Trust me, Mr. Bluebird and I, we’ve too much tasks to do outside of honeymooning. Coz, you know the saying… “Marry late, worry about retirement more,” yes? What? There’s no saying like that? Well, there should be! Harrumph!

Anyhoo, let’s steer away from the BB’s off-the-nest activities, shall we? What matters is we’re all here (all three of us…. probably four… heh!) and that we’ve still got stuff to talk about. Well, there ain’t a lot of Dooley news these days, for sure. But it’s not like they aren’t busy separately, aight?  And though it doesn’t show much, I’m as much a fan of their individual projects as I am of them as a couple.

So what’s up these days with them Dooley couple?

Well, there’s The Three Musketeers, for instance. Yes, yes. The bluebird made it a point to take a peek at the first episode (since I’ve already passed on Mirae’s Choice the last time, methinks I’d be crucified if I don’t make this a priority, mind you). So first, some Doolier eye candy…



He’s just getting more and more handsome as time goes by, isn’t he? I don’t think I’d have a hard time getting everybody’s agreement on that. Regarding his performance, on the other hand, opinions vary greatly, as always. Depending on whichever review you read, he’s either awesome, improving or horrible. Well, I could go the I’m-a-fangirl-I-don’t-do-calm route and go berserk, but naw… What’s the point? Not like I’m good in changing people’s way of seeing things, yeah?

I’d say, however, that it’s quite easy to criticize someone from the comforts of your keyboard, isn’t it? I mean, come on. Give the guy a break. He’s trying really hard, he is. It would’ve been too easy to rest on his laurels and focus on his music instead of laying himself out to the harshest of insults and criticism in the field of acting. But there he is learning horseback riding and sword fighting and getting that darn quiver on his brow just right before letting his tears fall (Just one tear, dammit, from the left eye! How difficult is that?!)….. Uhmm, yeah. If you’re so good at doing those, then by all means, bash away, my friend.

But enough of that and going back to TTM, I’m happy to say I was delighted with the first episode and have every intention of keeping up with the series. The premise is one of my favorites (the birdie is a big Dumas fan, just so you know), the other characters look absolutely amazing and, flawed acting or otherwise, the Dooley boy is rocking the role of k-D’Artagnan. I was thinking of doing some recaps, but heck, why bother? That’s what the queens of CouchKimchi are for, yes?

On the other hand, the Dooley girl has already finished shooting the movie The Tailors.



(So that’s The Three Musketeers = TTM and The Tailors (Movie) = TT(M)… By God, there’s no way that could be coincidence! The Dooley couple is REAL! Mwahahaha! Ahem…. Sorry, couldn’t help it. Bad birdie! LOL!)

Anyway, moving on. So yeah, The Tailors…. Also looking forward to it, though the chances of supporting it in theaters when it comes out is nil. But still, after Miracle in Cell #7, I’ve no doubt it’s gonna do well, too. Meaning, I can take my sweet time just waiting for it to come out wherever I could watch it later on, yes?

And there you go. Not much of an update, I guess. Methinks I’m just letting them fabulous Dooliers know the bluebird is still alive and that she has not completely abandoned this here nest, is all. And now that Mr. Bluebird has been so kind as to install the WordPress app for the tech idiot that is me, you may just find new posts popping up from time to time. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

Have a great week ahead, Dooliers! You are so much loved and missed!


There are a lot of excellent reasons why I felt I should weigh in on a (post-Heartstrings) drama that casts either Jung Yong Hwa or Park Shin Hye.  One, since I haven’t watched any other drama that didn’t cast both of them, I figured it’s something I must do to keep my “dooleysions” in check.  Two, it’s a good way to let them lovely Dooliers know the bluebird is still alive and kicking (and still very much a Doolier, thank you very much).  And three…. you know what? Let’s just have two for now, since that’s all my birdy brain could come up with.

Well then, on to Heirs…  I’m sorry, what?

Why not weigh in on Mirae’s Choice as well? 

Oh, that.  Well, the bluebird only has time to watch one drama, see.  *sigh* Blame it on the Dooley couple for deciding to sign up on dramas that aired almost simultaneously, no?  So my apologies go out to them Boice cousins.  I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t able to support our Dooley boy’s drama, but there it is.

So, on to Heirs…  I’m sorry, what now?

Why not Mirae’s Choice then instead of Heirs? 

I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that.  Well, it was a choice, see, between watching Lee Min Ho or Yoon Eun Hye.  Now, I’m not a big fan of either, mind you, but if I have to choose… Weeeellll…  Let’s just say….. Come on!  Surely, you understand!

You mean, you chose to ogle the Lee Min Ho hotness.

YES.  Exactly.  Happy now?  Then, shoo!  Bug some other blogger.


Goodness!  I’m so sorry for the interruption.  Some people are just plain crazy. *shakes head*

Anyhoo, on to Heirs (and let’s hurry before the loony butts in again).

Now, I won’t go the critic’s route and tell you whether the drama was good or bad.  I’m not qualified anyway, since I skipped some scenes and just focused on the drama’s OTP.  But I must say that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye did an insanely amazing job with their roles.  The Kim Tan/Cha Eun Sang love story, they sold it.  They did.  They really, really sold it.  I was caught – hook, line and sinker.  My emotional investment was so high I thought of getting insurance.  It was crazy!  Following the struggles of their relationship, I cried so many times and pulled my hair out (plucked my feathers?) so many times I ended up looking like a dressed chicken!  To say that I was fully onboard the TanSang ship would qualify as BB’s understatement of 2013, I tell you.  Methinks I did more screaming and swooning than the characters themselves, seriously.

But then the drama ended.  The TanSang ship sailed away unto the sunset with a happily ever after pretty much in the bag.  And though a part of me was sad to see it go, another part of me felt quite relieved that I could go back sailing in my comfortable Dooley ship.

What?!  You aren’t jumping over to the MinHye ship?!

Oh God, here she goes again!  No!  I’m certainly not jumping over onto any other ship.

But… but… you said you were fully onboard the TanSang ship?

I was.  But it’s an entirely different thing and I’m not gonna explain it to you because it’s a very long story.  And besides, you’re crazy!

Oh, do tell!

Fine.  It’s like this.  Do you know I was once a GeunShin shipper?

*Gasp* You were?  But how could I possibly know that?

Then just shut up and listen (or read). *rolls eyes*  Yes.  As loathe as I am to admit it now, I once shipped our Dooley girl with the pretty boy Jang Geun Suk.  Go on, I’ll give you half a minute to point fingers and laugh like a loon, but that’s it.

The thing is, I didn’t get aboard the GeunShin ship just because they sold me the Hwang Tae Kyung / Go Mi Nam love story.  I’d like to think that the bluebird is still sane enough to recognize that a drama is just a drama and roles are just roles.  After YAB, I scoured the net for hours and hours (God, I miss those lazy days!) looking for BTSs and whatever else I could find that could somehow justify why I should ship their real life counterparts.  And again, as loathe as I am to admit it, there were stuff I found that gave me reason to set foot inside a GeunShin cabin (first class, mind you).

Whereas with Heirs this time (and I’m not at all sure if it were just me not having too much time to scour the internet for BTSs and stuff), I haven’t found a reason yet to think that something good might be a-brewing between the two actors.  Yes, the chemistry was pretty amazing between Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho.  Yes, I loved Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang to death.  But outside of the roles they played, in the measly amount of BTSs I managed to find, I haven’t seen anything in their interactions off-camera that made my heart skip a beat or had my stomach a-fluttering. That’s pretty much my indicator that to ship them in real life would be a leap of faith for me – something that the rational, logical bluebird isn’t ready to take yet.  Hell, if you have something more then let me have it and we’ll talk.  But right now, sorry.  No go.

What I’d like to clarify is that my shipping the Dooleys didn’t start with me getting sold the love story of Lee Shin and Lee Gyu Won.  If it were only that, I would’ve been off the ship even before Heirs – probably right after Flower Boy Next Door because, damn, Park Shin Hye really sells all her love stories.

But it was the other way around, as a matter of fact.  I fell in love with the friendship and closeness of Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa off-screen (in thousands of BTSs) and that in turn made me love the characters that they played in Heartstrings.

I have yet to see Park Shin Hye getting all touchy-feely with any of her co-stars the same way she was with Jung Yong Hwa.  I have yet to see a male co-star of her go onstage at an awards show just to give her flowers (or do something else equally surprising and unpredictable) before and after they got to act on a drama which didn’t necessarily get amazing ratings.  Lastly, I have yet to see my OTP declaring to the world and beyond that they are dating someone else outside of each other.  It will be then and only then, that I’ll be saying goodbye to one of the best ships I sailed in the course of my fangirling voyage.

But until such time comes, I am staying put in my cozy little corner in the Dooley ship.  And my Doolier shipmates will just have to put up with me and all my crazy split-personalities.

Have a wonderful holiday season, Dooliers!  The BB might not be always in the nest, but you are always in the BB’s heart.  Much love and kisses!  See y’all around from time to time.

Because of the erratic weather patterns on my side of the fence, I got sick.  Not really bed-ridden sick but I have that over-all sluggish, tired feeling.  I felt unwell but I was not that sick to have an excuse not to go to work and just stay at home.  It didn’t help much that at the same time, I was hit with sudden pangs of loneliness.  I was missing something or someone.

You know that kind of feeling that lingers in your mind.  You know it is nothing that important and yet sometimes for the entire day, it is just all over your head.  You try to dismiss it, ignore it, but at the end of the day, it is still there.

Yes, I am missing the Dooliers in this nest  who swore to love and cherish Yong Hwa and Shin Hye and all that matters in between them.   Non-dooliers might laugh at it but it is very difficult for someone like me at my age to explain this weird feeling of really missing people whom you just have met in this virtual world.  The degree of comfort the nest has given me actually amazes me.  The happy thought that I can talk to some people beyond borders and seas at anytime somehow puts a tired mind and body at ease.

Not all may experience this or agree to this, but now, I believe that friendship really doesn’t mind distance and time.  And though, it may take sometime or maybe never, for all of us Dooliers to meet each other, I already consider Dooliers as my friends.  I may not know their real names or identities but the bond I share with them through Yong Hwa and Shin Hye is definitely there.

And with these thoughts, I wonder how or what level of friendship does our OTP have?  We all, and even the antis, agree that they are friends.  They themselves have declared that.  But friendship, of course, has different degrees, levels and categories of attachment.  Shin Hye has often talked about  how she regard her friendship with her co-AnJells:

 Geun Seuk… an oppa…elder brother who is always there…

Hong Ki…a friend who even if she takes a trip with will bear no scandal

Yong Hwa…a friend but with a relationship that can surpass that of  a gf/bf relationship

(even if it was Yong Hwa who uttered these words, I’d like to think he has Shin Hye’s blessings to say these. Besides, the absence of a violent reaction on her part makes me assume she agrees lol)

The first two were easy to understand.  I had those kind of friendships with my guy friends.  So I can totally relate.  But the last one, I have to admit, I have not known or experienced.  For an ahjumma who has been there and almost done everything, I often wonder how can one have that kind of a relationship with a guy friend. Maybe I have yet to experience that or maybe not all are meant to experience no matter how friendly one is or the people around that person.

For me, that kind of friendship is something that has been forged out of people who are really sincere and committed into giving that relationship the trust, the time, the support and the understanding it deserves.  And yes, I have to admit, I envy that kind of friendship.  I just hope they both can sustain the test of time  for that friendship to last.  And given that I usually believe what Yong Hwa says  (and @violet82 says – “Believe in YH, SD”) , I’d like to think that both will take earnest effort into being a true friend to each other.

I now can say that if we believe in their friendship, then maybe, the friendship that we share in the Dooley nest  is somehow a manifestation of what they also share.  It maybe not exactly be the same, but we indeed take after them. After all, the fans’ attitude is a reflection of their idols’ characters.  And it is something which makes me an even prouder Doolier – which for me, is a permutation of a Boice and a Star.

And as I miss my Doolier friends while listening to CN Blue’s Blue Sky, I wonder, do the Dooleys miss each other, too? *grins*

Fact: When Dooliers miss each other or Yong Hwa & Shin Hye, we can’t help but watch the Heartstrings BTS all over again…


Mr. Fanfic: *coughs, frowns, glowers*

Bluebird: What?!

Mr.  Fanfic:  Fluffy.  I hate fluffy. 

Bluebird:  Yep.  But who writes fluffy?

Mr. Fanfic: You.

Bluebird:  Yep.  And whose turn is it?

Mr. Fanfic: Yours.

Bluebird: Yep.  So you go play with the sharks for a bit.  Shoo!

Hola, fanfic readers!  Yep, expect some fluff as scrambled eggs with cream and butter in this here update.

Now serving your HS-AU:  I’ve Fallen For You – 14th Song.  Buen provecho!

Shipping 101 for Dummy BB

Posted: September 3, 2012 by fairybluebird in Dooley Nest

There was a time, not too long ago, when “shipping” for the bluebird meant only one thing – sending stuff to someone via courier when you couldn’t personally hand over the friggin’ thingy.  It was so darned easy too, that kind of shipping.  Yep.  You just go to Fedex, honey.  They weigh it, you pay it aaaaand… Voila!  Shipping’s done, over and out.  Yee-haw.

Now, this other “shipping” thing that the bluebird got involved in… My, oh my… Ain’t it a bundle of complications!  Which I seriously don’t understand because it started out pretty simple too, you know.  But same as most things that the bluebird gets involved in, this other kind of shipping turned out to be one complicated son of a gun. Darn it!  *smacks forehead* I knew I should’ve stuck to the first meaning!

Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  I’m just saying.  The bluebird is nothing if not honest, remember.  Besides, I like to whine.  And this is my nest.  So, deal.

Fortunately, the bluebird managed to join a rather good fandom.  And at the right time too, if I may add.  As any mother would tell you, “teach them the right way while they’re young” is the ticket, and I chance upon them Soompi Dooliers at a very early stage of my fan-girl metamorphosis.    Ergo, I had good role models to guide my way into this crazy world of shipping that doesn’t involve Fedex.

These past couple o’ months, there’s been an influx of newborn Dooliers here in the blog nest, in the café, and practically in the whole cyberspace.  And though this is definitely good news for the fandom, it also brings with it a little matter of concern.  Sadly, I’ve been hearing about not-so-pleasant on-goings recently that has to do with some of our Doolier younglings – debates/arguments with rival fandoms on YouTube, using pics/vids without proper credits or permission, etc. etc…

Oh, but let’s not start finger-pointing or anything like that.  We are all awesome, awesome Dooliers after all, yes?  Methinks our younglings just need a bit of guidance from our more tenured Dooliers, that’s all.

Having said that, I felt that it would be just right to share with everyone a couple of things that I learned from them Soompi Dooliers when I was just starting out.  Kind of like paying it forward, you know what I mean? This way, we all would be more knowledgeable in how to be responsible shippers so we can contribute better to our Dooley fandom.

So here goes the bluebird version of that wonderful Robert Fulghum book…

Everything I Need To Know,

I Learned In Dooley Fandom


  1.  Shipping means you WANT your OTP to be together. – And the keyword there is WANT, not together.  So it’s perfectly fine to get down on your knees and pray 24/7 that they’d end up together.  What’s not fine… is creating rumors that they’re already together when you can’t even get close enough to them to get their dang autographs.  As checkinout once said, the last thing we want is for them Dooleys to stop interacting (or worse, start avoiding each other) just because they don’t want any gossip or scandal.  If that happens, where the heck are we gonna get anything to spazz about?
  2. Don’t mess with them cousin Stars and Boices. – Not all Stars are Dooliers.  Not all Boices are Dooliers.  It’s only the bluebird that couldn’t get her priorities straight so she’s pleading Doolier through and through.  What we must understand is that our OTP have separate careers.  They have separate fandoms that follow said separate careers.  Our itty-bitty Dooley ship is sailing right smack in between.  Let’s not annoy them by jumping unto their ships, screeching and shrieking our Dooley love.  Because, frankly my dears… they don’t give a damn.  What’s spazz-worthy to us is worth zilch to them, trust me.  So let’s keep the Dooley-lovin’ to ourselves when we go a-visiting.  Rule of thumb:  Spazz in your own nest.  We have two of them right here already, for crying out loud.
  3. Not asking for permission to use something that’s not yours is WRONG. – Whatever tidbits we get from cyberspace, someone took the time and effort to put them there.  More so for original creations – photoshopped pics, skits, fan art, etc.  The first time I tried making a banner for the blog nest, it took 2 hours for me to come up with something decent.  So nowadays I just yell for anamikaela to come and help. What I’m trying to say is that everyone deserves credit for their work, hard or not.  Let’s not deprive them of that.  If you can get permission, please do so.  If not, then credit the owner.  If you don’t know the owner, mention the site where you took it from.  Easy as pie, don’t you think?  Now if the owner says no, then please respect their wishes.  You’d like the same courtesy if it were the other way around.
  4. We’re Dooley lovers, not Dooley fighters. –   Nothing’s more effective in raising your blood pressure than a frustrating fight to prove your point.  And do you really think them rival fandoms give a hoot about your point?  Nuh-uh, sweetie.  They just want to make you mad.  And the madder you get, the more fun it is to them.  So tell me who’s at the losing end of that battle?  And here’s the thing to remember… Dooliers really don’t have to prove anything anymore.  Them OTP is already doing that for the fandom, don’t you think?  So let’s leave them petty YouTube comment wars to those who have more time to spare due to the absence of spazz-worthy material from their ships.  God knows we’re already much too busy as it is.
  5. One shipper’s actions reflect that of the entire fandom. – One bad potato in a basket full of potatoes makes all the other potatoes look bad.  (Yes, semifly, I’m looking at you.) And don’t let me get started with that Storm 142 hullabaloo.  Though it paved the way for Dooliers to be more united, it also stained the reputation of them YongSeo shippers in the bluebird’s eyes forever. See, whatever impression they get about one of us will be what they will think about the whole fandom.  I don’t know about you, but the bluebird wants to look goooood!  And I’m telling you, that’s one tough mission already, what with all this eternally ruffled feathers. *sigh* So please, pretty please!  Don’t make the bluebird uglier than she already is.  How could we possibly say that we’re better than them rival fandoms if we’re acting just the same as them?

So there we are.  I’m quite sure I learned more than five lessons in Responsible Shipping 101, but there wasn’t time to review them handouts.  I’ll just post the rest should there be a Part 2.

But kidding aside, I sincerely hope that all Dooliers will take these reminders to heart.  As shipmates, we hold each other’s hands and we are responsible for each other.  Let us not break that bond of friendship that our OTP had shown us and we’re trying so hard to emulate.

To the more tenured Dooliers, please allow a bit of time for our younglings to adjust to how shipping is done the Doolier way.  Coz admittedly, it’s not something you can learn overnight.  A bit more patience and a gentle prod here and there should be the ticket to strengthen our community.

To the newer Dooliers, we are counting on you to continue the tradition that them Doolier veterans had started.  Let’s be mindful of our actions so that each and every one of  us could be proud dwellers of the Dooley ship.

Thank you very much.

Credit: anamikaela’s gorgeousness

Aside  from  me  liking  so  much  Yong Hwa’s  singing of an  old song  in  English with the  month of  September in it,  September is really such a meaningful month for me.  And one of the reasons is that it is the birth month of this awesome blog of our dear FairyBluebird.

The blog nest is special to me for it made me check one item off my bucketlist.  I never thought that one day I would be writing down my thoughts and have this chance of sharing them to the whole world, to the people whom I may never meet in person.  It never occurred to me that being a fan of Yong Hwa and Shin Hye will pave that way for me. When FairyBluebird gave me the opportunity to be part of the blog nest, I somewhat hesitated, afraid that I really won’t be able to meet her seeming high standards.  Add to that is the fact that the subject matter, that is, the Dooley Couple, seemed to be a fleeting topic.  The possibility of the hype over their pairing could be momentary, hence, my attempt to be a so-called blogger/writer could be short lived. And we all know we don’t want our dreams to be just like that.

Nevertheless, I mustered enough courage, took the challenge and so after eight i-don’t-know-if they-really-make-sense posts, I am writing this piece to celebrate the blog nest’s anniversary.  It has been a year since FBb’s first musing came out and it was a time which for me marks the beginning of this wonderful journey as a spazzing ahjumma.

Time really flies fast, but when you are spazzing with the Dooliers, you will always feel that 24 hours is not enough to express your thoughts on the Dooleys.  No matter how redundant we may sound, saying the same things over and over again, the feelings are still the same.  I don’t know for the other Dooliers, but now, I can declare with a certain level of audacity that I will forever be a Doolier.  That  word may have different definitions  depending on the circumstances and points of view, but, I think I will forever  treasure all the stuff that I gained from being one.

If  Lee Shin were to ask me today, “What is your (anniversary) wish?”, I would have answered him, “My wish is for me to be spazzing forever on Yong Hwa and Shin Hye.”  Okay, I know, that is going a bit overboard but as what FBb often says, “I can dream, right?”  But even if it is the anniversary of the blog nest, that does not give me the license to be delusional.

True to my fashion when writing posts here, I have done my research and I have really thought hard if my wish related to the Dooleys has even an iota of probability of becoming true.

I remember not too long ago, Yong Hwa, said that it was their wish as CN Blue to become a harabojji band.  They want to keep on playing music as a band until their hair have gone all white. Quite a feat to reckon, but seeing how talented they are and so passionate with their craft and their brotherhood, I am confident that they can achieve what they wish for.

As for Shin Hye, we all know her roots as a child actress. And for her to be still in this business and reap recognition after so many years,  is a testament of her intention and effort to stay in this industry which have seen her grow up.  She even said in an interview that she wants to be an actress who can carry messages to many people, to be a person who stays by everyone for a long time through, not shines only for a moment.  And although she recognizes her growing popularity after the drama, You’re Beautiful,  she doesn’t want to become just like a shooting star.  Shin Hye wants to stay.

We already knew how they can finish each other‘s sentences or say similar things on same matters separately.  So it is not surprising anymore how they seem to want to stay forever and be a permanent part of the industry they are now both into.   They both see their future doing the same things that they have been doing now.  Their aim is for longevity and continuity in doing their craft, a proof on how much passion and devotion they are willing to extend for the love of the arts, music and those related to it.

Well, for me, it is something we all should be happy about because it only means, that we are also here to stay.  That we who celebrate that unique friendship of the Dooleys will just have to continue to exist.  We, from time to time, will just have to spazz and be delighted with them.  Also, wasn’t it Yong Hwa’s wish, too, that Shin Hye continue to support him? Didn’t Shin Hye say yes, she will continue to be by his side to cheer and root for him?

Hmmm, their statements just made me dooleysional as I think of our future.  Starting with this first anniversary of the blog nest, I think we will have to count and  celebrate some more anniversaries with our dear FairyBluebird.  Now, isn’t that wonderful and beautiful?

Thank you FBb… thanks for  everything – from the bottom of my Dooley heart …  ^_^

P.S. As for the title of this post… I have to say, I was kind of pressed for time to think of a nice one… Anyways, since this is related to my anniversary wish,  here is one cheesy, anniversary song for me.  (warning: don’t yah laugh… and please stop grinning)

cr: miamorfully

Yeorobun, it has been a while.  Okay, okay it has been a long while since I write anything or something in here.  My, my Dooliers sure have long memory.  And no worries, I still remember the “Kisseh “ Part Duex that has been on the back burner.  I purposely gave it a little French to make it a bit naughty because in KDramaLand “tongue” is strictly resides in one own mouth.

Now, how this post comes about.  Well, last weekend, on Sunday evening, as yours truly here was winding down in the chat-box in the Doolier’s Café, busily having my therapeutic interaction about my recent first-hand encounter of fans’ behaviour or more aptly misbehaviour (in my opinion) towards a certain star; suddenly, “I taw a tweety bird, I did, I did taw a tweety bird.”  She is blue and goes by the name of @FairyBluebird.  Needless to say, at any time seeing tweety here is not good news for me, and can mean a few things.  For example, colours me bad, Greek tragedy, off to labour camp and etc.

How I ended up here, wwwweeeeelllllll, while tweety was busy chirping in the G-Chat together with @5pring_day and I about the upcoming Doolier’s Reading Room Anniversary.  Somehow those words became blurry and wiped out.   Instead, right there in the middle of her chirp, my imagination was struck by the beauty of the spring season.  I swear I could even even hear @5pring_day singing “The Hills come alive with the sound of music…” in the background.  I was twirling like Maria with sling shot in hand.  Yup, for me, that can easily be associated with one thing – Open Season – Bird Hunting!!!  The_Joker smiles sweetly.  One can dream, no?   During my lapsed of concentration, somehow a consensus was reached where each of us – @FairyBluebird, @5pring_day and @The_Joker would each contribute a post to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary.

So, for the next few days, I was cracking my head, trying to think of what to write.  Reaching deep inside……of my pocket, and voila came up with chewing gum *munches*.

At last, I hit upon the topic that not only would holistically cover but also mark the essence of Dooley Couple and us, Dooliers as well.  Am I smart, or am I smart???  Yes, yes, besides being cute and all.  I realised that since I was an embryo.

Let the post begin….

The easiest one word to associate either the Dooley Couple or Dooliers is definitely, without a single doubt is FRIENDSHIP.  This is the tie that binds us Dooliers and is very much reflective of our biases the friendly friends Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye as well.

What do we know about “Friend”, “Friendship” and “Friendly”?  Kyah! Don’t try to be smarty pants and said aside from the spelling of those words.  Mind ya, only The_Joker has the sole right to be *kyeopta* to give those kind of answers.  And why you might ask. Duh! I have already said it, *cute* and *cute answers* are The_Joker’s trademark.

Stumped eh, these two words have been bandied and over used – Friends and Friendship.  Especially in reference to our biases relationship eerrr their friendship because those two are friends, and has been on friendly terms for the past few years.  Yup, I do realize that I have typed – friendship, friend and friendly a few times.  Hey! I am the one who is writing this post and what’s more this falls under my grand master plan, i.e., to have as many words or better still, alphabets as possible.

So, let’s take a step back and really go down to the root of those words.

I have heavily researched and made use of secondary source materials from the ever useful Google.  Pffftt…don’t laugh, do you know how hard and tedious it is to type those “Friend” and “Friendship” words?  What’s more, I even have to press enter.  My poor dainty finger *sigh*.  Then clicked on the links and skim read the sites, argh…how many bottles of eye drops I used for my tired eyes.  Oh! The sufferings and hardships, which I have gone through for this post *grumble and deep sigh*.

Don’t rush me! Sheesh!  Now, where was I?  Ahhh… yer, where or what is the origin of the word “Friend”?  The_Joker wraps her arms, taps her foot and waits for the answer.

I’m still waiting.

Yup, still waiting!

Give up?  *smile*, I have the answers for sure, but it is going to cost you.  “Ka Ching”!!!

So, back to the questions in hand.

Have you ever wondered where do these words “FRIEND, FRIENDSHIP and FRIENDLY” come from?  The latter two words stem from Friend, of course.  My, was I surprise when I research the origin of the word FRIEND.

Okay, here is the etymology of Friend for English.  The word “Friend” in our modern English is similar to old English world “freond”, which was a form of the verb “freogan”.  This word originated from Germanic word, meaning “to love” and related to the Norse Goddess Frigg, the Goddess of Love, who was Ole Odin’s wife.  Now, that got you all squealing eh.

Wait there is more.  Now take it a few centuries forward, around 900 AD / CE, Old and Middle English, according to the site Dictionary Reference, it stated that the word “Friend” could even mean lover.

To top it off, yup, believe it or not, there is a lot of connotation of the word “Love” with “Friend” based on linguists’ conclusions since this “Friend” word ultimately is from Indo-European and at its root means “to love” too.

A few examples of the word “Friend” is other European languages.  For example in Spanish it would be “amigo”, Italian would be “amico” and in French of course “ami”.  All these words come from the Latin word “amicus” that is formed from the verb “amare”, meaning “to love”.  “Philos” is Greek for “Friend” and has connotation with “phileo” that has the meaning of “I love”.

Since most Dooliers hail from Philippines, I believe in Filipino, the word for “friend” is “kaibigan,” with the root word “ibig”, meaning “to love.”  Putting “ka” before a root word signifies a state of being, such as “kasama” (ka + sama “to go with”), literally “being someone to go with” or “companion”.

There are many facets of friend and friendship of course, where it all depend on how and what friendly terms these two persons connection would be, because some friends would stay just as friends.


However, some friends would evolve and move to different phases in their friendship, in which friends could become lovers.


And there are of course, “with friends like these, who needs enemies?” *nudges” and “elbows”  at @FairyBluebird


With that I conclude, it is easy to make friends, but a lot harder to remain as friends.  And it has been lovely indeed for me to have known you awesome people for the past one year.  Happy One Year Anniversary to this blog and our friendship.

Pssssttt….one last note, by the way, my statement of account for my work here is in the mail where I charge according to alphabets.  So, more words, more alphabets used, how’s that for my grand master plan?


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